Mentor North

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Arut Tantasirin
Lead Animator Nickelodeon
Animation Studios
Arut Tantasirin is an Emmy Award nominated animator from Bangkok, Thailand. He
graduated with a Masters Degree of Animation from Academy of Art University, San
Francisco. Arut has loved art and animation all of his life. He has received awards for
his animated short film Cheez…z, a story about “Yama” an old man and “Warbie” a
greedy little bird. His adorable character “Warbie” has gained popularity around the

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Mentor Natt


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Natt Mintrasak

A CG technical director in the visual effects and animation
industry with experience in feature film from Hollywood productions.
With formal background in digital art and extensive experience in
academia, merging art and technology through creative problem solving
in a production pipeline is essential for the role as a technical
director.  Creating and maintaining animation tools, pipeline, and worklow
for both visual effects and feature animation have been the mainstay
throughout the career which includes prominent studios such as Digital Domain
and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

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